Holly & Jolly

Holly & Jolly Holly & Jolly

It is Christmas Eve and the final preparations for the holiday are coming along nicely. The entire household is waiting for the magical time, the hour when Santa arrives. The children should be asleep, but they just couldn’t help themselves, they just want a glimpse of the magical being that is, Santa Claus! What magical presents will Santa bring Holly and Jolly this year?

Maybe Timmy didn’t put on his best behavior this year, but when he saw the bright star on top of the Christmas tree, he knew what he had to do. Once everyone falls asleep Timmy will climb up the Christmas tree, to get the bright star, so he can give it to Santa!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith might be too old to believe in Santa, but they do keep up the tradition for their kids! They don’t know that Santa is real, and will be popping by the house tonight!

Ho-ho-ho! Who could have climbed down the chimney at a time like this? Why of course, it is none other than Santa Claus himself! Santa is carrying a massive red sack, hopefully everyone made it onto the good list this year!

Little Lucy has been good all year and now she is just too excited to be sleeping! Lucy has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Santa as well as the joy of Christmas morning!

On Christmas, even snowmen are allowed to party, if only for one night. As he parties, Sam the Snowman (Lucy’s creation) prepares for Santa’s visit just like everybody else.

No Christmas is complete without a tree. Under its branches you will find the gifts you got from both family, friends and Santa himself! The Brightest Star in all the street, shines from the top of the Smith Family’s tree.

This sock has so many candies inside, no wonder it’s always missing in the morning…

When it’s the sound of bell you hear, rest assured, Santa’s here!

If you look closely you can see the Christmas spirits dancing inside this sparkling sphere.

A special gift from Santa himself! Respin Wild covers the middle column and triggers a Respin, replacing all symbols.

The Wild Star upon the tree. It replaces all symbols except the mystery symbol. Timmy believes that if he gives Santa the Wild, he will be forgiven for all his misdeeds.

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2018 © Gambino. All Rights Reserved.